First Baptist Church Surfside Beach
Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Class Calendar
JANUARY 7        -        WEEK 1               Location: Starbucks Bypass 17
Topics: What is Lifestyle Evangelism? Is Hell Real?
JANUARY 14      -        No Class! Administrative Council. .
JANUARY 21      -        WEEK 2               Location: WalMart on Hwy 544
Topics: What Makes A Lost Person
JANUARY 28      -        WEEK 3               Location: Wacammaw Com. Hospital
Topics: People Need a Touch of Love. The Errors of Lifestlye.
FEBRUARY 4     -        WEEK 4               Location: A Restaurant TBA
Topics: How to Be Creatively Bold. What Do I Say?
What is E - Week?
E - Week is a week of evangelism and
exciting worship. It is designed to empower the people of First Baptist Church of Surfside Beach into deeper commitment, encourage fringe members and attenders to deeper
commitment to God’s church, and to
evangelize the lost utilizing the various
ministries God has allowed us to create.
Evangelize           Encourage
Energy                 Empower
Enrich                            Excite
Entertain             Education
When is E - Week?
E - Week will take place Sunday evening, March 22 to Sunday morning,
March 29, 2015.
How much will E - Week cost?
We are looking at taking a love offering each night, and pray/plan that love offerings will cover the entire cost of E - Week.
What happens before E - Week?
We will have a Training Union Class titled, Lifestyle Evangelism. It will take place for 5 weeks beginning January 7. We will meet at the bus at 5:30 pm each night.
We then will follow with the class, Knowing Why You believe What You Believe,
another 5 week class, meeting Wednesdays at 6:00 pm, beginning February 18.
What will we do for E - Week?
Each day there will be a ministry/evangelistic project. We look forward to utilizing the Shawl Ministry, Hammers for Him, WMU, Members from the Forgiven Ministry,
Nursing Home Ministries, Helping Hand, Street Reach, Holding Hands Touching Hearts, Surfside Student Ministries, plus other more evangelistic endeavors.
First Baptist Church Surfside participates in many, many outreach events that you are welcome to join.
Myrtle Beach Estates
National Health Care
Myrtle Beach Manor
Shawl Ministry
Hammers for Him
H.A.T.S. (Fishing and Hunting)
Helping Hands
Street Reach
Celebrate Recovery
Mobile Meals
Holding Hands, Touching Hearts
Forgiven Ministry
Coastal School Ministries
Migrant Health Kits
Prisoner Gift Packets
Sunburn Unit