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Wednesday, December 07, 2016
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6 Biblical Examples of Evangelism
Direct Style
Biblical Example: Peter- Acts 2
What We Will Do: This will be a preaching/teaching hour. Just like Peter did on the steps long ago. We will spend 30 minutes preaching and then spending the rest of the time seeing how this style can be used in today’s culture.

2. Intellectual Style
Biblical Example: Paul- Acts 17 (while in Athens- his challenge regarding the “unknown god”). Paul is regarded as one of the greatest intellectuals ever known.
What We Will Do: This is a question and answer forum. Asking tough questions and answering honestly. Just as Paul did in Athens.

3. Testimonial Style
Biblical Example: Blind man- John 9 He’s healed by Jesus and they ask him, “Was this man a prophet?” He responds by telling his story. “I don’t know. All I know is I was blind and now I see!” No one can deny your personal story.
What We Will Do: This is personal testimony night. Everyone will get to share their story.

4. Interpersonal Style
Biblical Example: Matthew- Luke 5:29 He invited all his tax-collecting buddies over to his house for a party in order to meet Jesus.
What We Will Do: We are going to have a party. And we will have the party introduce people to Jesus and how we can do that today.

5. Invitational Style
Biblical example: Woman at the Well- John 4
What We Will Do: We will Get on the road and invite people to our church, and if the opportunity arises, invite them to Jesus.

6. Serving Style
Biblical Example: Dorcas- Acts 9:36 (a.k.a. Tabitha) “She was always doing good and helping the poor.”
What We Will Do: We will role play scenarios, some with physical needs and some with spiritual needs. We will let the class attempt to discern what is what and how we should respond in various situations.

First Baptist Church Surfside participates in many, many outreach events that you are welcome to join.
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