First Baptist Church Surfside Beach
Tuesday, June 25, 2019
The Family Church at the Family Beach

SSM Mission Statement

Mission Statement:
"Surfside Student Ministries exists to develop
graduates capable of leading Bible study."

Students Christ Centered in Prayer
  • Wednesday nights (prayer program)
  • Accountability/prayer partners
  • Prayer sponsor (Adopted students by adult classes)
Proper way to study the Bible
  • Essential Connection Magazine (Personal)
  • Sunday school (Corporate)
  • Accountability/prayer partner
Mentoring support for spiritual development
  • Accountability/prayer sponsor
  • Strategic partnerships (Men's ministry, wMu, etc.)
  • Parental mentoring/training
Effective Worship
  • Personal - Sunday Morning (Godly Living)
  • Corporate Congressional Etiquette
  • Talent/Gifts Development
Evangelism - Outreach - Missions
  • Local projects (Men's ministry, wMu, Helping Hand, Street Reach)
  • State Projects (M-Fuge, Bethea Home)
  • International (Senior High overseas mission trip every two years)